Karlov Most, HOSTEL in Moscow Russia.
Karlov Most.

Novyi Arbat 1 building 5, Moscow, Russia

Located near: 'karlov most' hostel is situated between Arbat and New Arbat street. The Arbat is in the historic centre of Moscow. It begins at Arbatskaya square, 800 metres west of the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. The Old Arbat street is in the Top 10 list on a Moscow city tour. It is a truly mysterious place. It’s rich in history but it’s also modern and vibrant. With its countless cafes and gift shops huddling closely side by side, Arbat street always full of street artists musicians etc.

In the heart of Moscow, Not far from Arbat Square and Gogol Boulevard, between the Old and New Arbat is a three-story hostel Karlov Most.
The brick building of the hostel, like in any old city, is sandwiched between neighboring houses and windows looking at quiet Arbat yards.
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