Mosaic House, HOSTEL in Prague Czech Republic.
Mosaic House.

Odboru 278/4, Prague, Czech Republic

Located near: Centrally located, in the neighborhood, numerous cafes, grocery stores, green spaces, local shops and clubs can be found with the Vltava River just a few blocks away. Public transportation lines (Karlovo n��ïÿý���ám��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ýst��ïÿý���í, Mysl��ïÿý���íkova) are located around the corner making all of Prague easily accessible. 4 minutes to the Vltava River 7 minutes to National Theatre 10 minutes to Wenceslas Square 15 minutes to Charles Bridge 15 minutes to Old Town Square

Mosaic House: One house, 1000 memories.
We are a place where you can live, relax, mingle, feel, dance, eat, sleep and laugh.
We are a community of locals, travellers and free spirits; creative and unique individuals; food lovers and life enthusiasts.
We are made of you as we were made for you.

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