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Fantastic climate

Cancun is a tourist attraction

Fantastic climate and beautiful places ,that's all about Mexico's most visited region, Cancun.
Attracting every year more than 3 million people from all over the planet, should be something special about this place, shouldn't? It's so much more than a party town and sunsets in whit sand beaches around Yucatan peninsula. Already in 60's Mexican government saw many potential in this resort region, to attract tourists didn't take much.

It's getting more exciting, digging in Cancun's history and discovering, it will surprise you how much this region can offer, it's a tropical paradise that remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations. If you are looking for the coolest attractions in Mexico, Cancun is the place you have to be! If you want to party, there are lots of great bars and superclubs.

Cancun's city is splited in two main areas, the downtown Ciudad and the connected island area called Zona Hotelera, hotel zone. All the main actions you will find in the Hotel zone,as all the shopping, attracting and accommodations. Instead the Ciudad is more for exploring the actual resorts. All the beaches and tourism in general are concentrated in the Zona Hotelera, where is also the four lane Boulevard Kukulcán located, thoroughfare connecting Ciudad Cancún.

You travel alone, with a friend, mom ,family or enemy, Cancun will be place to have it all, most of the people stay there during all their vacations, it so easy to reach all Mexico's spots near and far. Everything is there, more than 90hotels, shopping centers, restaurants with great food, discos and clubs, an archaeological site, and an aquatic park. Something still missing? Whether you’re interested in spa services, gyms, or tennis courts, you can expect facilities that combine the best in comfort and luxury.

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