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Silver moonlight golden sunshine

Jerusalem, 70 names of Love

You know which is the holiest city on the whole planet? Yes, sure you know, It's Israel's capital city Jerusalem. This united city has thousands of years history, and its walls probably have heard more than any books can tell, whose history can be heard in the whispering of the wind along the walls, where every stone tells a brand knew story of a city . It is situated on a ridge 760 m high that lies west of the Dead Sea and the Jordan River, Jerusalem is Israel's educational, religious and cultural center. Cities major industries are tourism and construction of hotels and houses.

Jerusalem is the only city in the world that has 70 names of love and yearning, the city that in old maps appears at the center of the world and is still adored like a young bride. Located right in the heart of the country, among the Judean Hills. Its countless historical sites, shrines and places of worship attest to its meaning for Jews, Christians and Muslims. It's an ancient city but at the same time having a very modern architecture, well-tended parks, contemporary malls, industrial zones and never ending hope for a better and more peaceful future. There are very high developed industries such as cut and polished diamonds, plastics, clothing, and shoes, and electronic printing.

Jerusalem has its special glow, silver by moonlight and golden in sunshine, same as their people, being very different, some the descendants of generations of Jerusalemites, the other coming from other parts of the world, you will recognize them straight away, more European looking and not being so religious, you will see many e wearing the spectrum of modern fashion are dark-suited ultra-Orthodox Jews, Arab women in brightly embroidered shifts and at the same time poverty dressed Christian.

In this city you might find peace, its overwhelming atmosphere is everywhere, the rich history will feed you during your stay, Jerusalem’s fascinating historic and archeological sites will give you unforgettable emotions. The Old City is surrounded by a wall and divided in four religious quarters, Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Muslim. It's all divided into three major holy sites, the Western Wall, which is holy to the Jews, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Don't hope for nightlife here, go and enjoy the religious atmosphere.

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