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Christmas in Barcelona

Feliz Navidad

Christmas time is special in every country, no matter how many Christians are there, unfortunately this event is no more mainly about the Jesus, I guess for the new generation it's good to remind time to time what is it all about, no presents, no holidays, behind all that there is something more important why actually all that has started.

In Spain, Barcelona people at the midnight sharp of New Year's, after the church bell rings, you should be in Barcelona though, they eat grape, that will bring you luck!

Have you heard about the song saying Feliz Navidad ? I'm sure you have! Yes, it's Spanish, the Spanish and Catalans celebrate Christmas in their own very charming way in Barcelona.

Spanish are nation who know how to celebrate with lots of food and wine, not thinking about the next day or diet, to be honest I know few , and never heard about Spanish women to complain about their weight, maybe that's why they have very charming curves, they take it all easier, than the rest of the world. The Christmas celebration in Barcelona and in Spain doesn't end with 24th and 25th , it goes on until the 6th January , when the Three Kings , Tres Reis Mags, brings the presents for the children.

Spanish are very religious people, so the celebrating Christmas starts already on the 8th of December with decorating the cities, towns and home, in most of Spanish homes the nativity is one of the most important features of decorations. The streets of Barcelona are brightly illuminated, even if this period in Spain is not that important than in the rest of Europe, handing out with presents, they still keep it up.

It's more about meals with beloved ones, after a lush meal with the whole family only little presents are exchanged, after they visit friends or relatives or going out in restaurants, it's more about being together, fully enjoying the holidays, just in the way it supposed to be.

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