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Easter celebrations

Traditions are observed, eggs are colored!

Spring is a time not only for flowers and trees to blossom, not only for sun to finally raise up, is a time that means world for the religious ones. Easter is awaited Christian holiday celebration, this year starting at the 31st of March , so this Sunday, commemorating the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It's a quite time after Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday.

If you consider it's a Christian celebration, the weird thin is that the celebrations of Easter have many customs and legends that are pagan in origin and have nothing to do with Christianity. The symbol of Easter has become , the Easter rabbit, and coloured Easter eggs, originally painted with bright colours to represent the sunlight of spring, and used in Easter-egg rolling contests or given as gifts.

It's a time when most of the people in families would go to the church, even if we admit that nowadays it has become something rare, unfortunately people are too busy, modern or lazy for that? It's not about who or what you believe, it's about traditions that shouldn't be broken...As with almost all holidays that have their roots in Christianity, Easter has been secularized and commercialized.

It's still a very strong tradition in Latin countries, families go to the church and definitely don't work , in the rest in the world it starts to be just as a normal day...but mainly in every country doesn't matter what religion they are is celebrated for something, like in other parts of India, this festival is considered to be a day of significant respect among the Catholics of Goa. In the lives of the Catholics residing in that state, this day is important for culminating an observance called Lent.

How it's celebrated around the world? Mostly in peace and with a family, in Australia it's a mini holiday, celebrating four days, that starts on Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday, they get together with beloved ones and celebrate it in peace. In Asia, Philippines is the only country that celebrate Easter religiously each and every time. In Ireland and England masses are rampant and traditions are observed.

In USA is the time for fasting, penitence, confession, carnivals and being with loved ones. Canadians celebrate Easter with local traditions like Easter egg hunts, decorating Easter eggs and being with families and friends, having fun out of the serious. Get your peace in Easter, spend it with your beloved ones and enjoy it!

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