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English afternoon tea, London

Pleasing every member of a hungry family

London has never suffered from crisis in tourism and definitely not this year, when the royal baby was born, is still one of the largest urban areas in entire Europe, it's a city where Olympic games are held and where royal family lives, London is a center of everything, the major world tourist destination. Back in Roman times, London was called Londinium, and it's ancient history is still visible nowadays, and the medieval boundaries are still present.

It's home to more than 100 Europe's top largest companies, London is good for anything, to study, to work, opening up a huge window of options, media, education, arts, fashion, and many other cultural activities,it's a city that never sleeps, also being one of the most international cities in the world, where you will find people living there from all over the world.

If you are tourist, you will be trilled by how many landmarks are here, like the House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace,Kensington Palace and the Old Bailey , world wide famous Hyde Park, Greenwich Park and St, James Park, there will be no such a thing as boring holidays, you will find art stuff and great entertainment, those ones willing to find something closer to their homes and nationality will find it, those ones willing experience million other cultures will find it all in London. London is the right place for visiting sights, there will be discounts on the top attractions, guided tours and any kind of information. And a bit of culture, London is famous for great theatre, there will be plenty of first-rate shows to see!

There are three main things that tourists are attracted to, sights, food and shopping!! London is surely the best in the world to shop, that will suit every budget and style, the popular Oxford street, which will offer you kilometres of all kind of shops , you will be breathless, the best thing is that everything is there, there is no need to take different public transports to get from one to another, everything you need is there, stroll around the London markets – Portobello, Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Camden Market, those are the main for Big Fashionistas, that's a place where the Real Londoners shop during the weekends.

British people love to eat and also to drink...a tea! The world wide famous English afternoon tea, which has a whole lot history behind it, with elegance, style and luxury relax, do it British way! It's not just about tea, who would love it? There are coming sandwiches, cupcakes, scones with butter and jam, cream.

The best bakery shops are right in the capital, specially if you got a sweet tooth or you would die for delicious scone or bread, artisan bakeries and champion cake makers are popping up all over London. London is a gastronomic powerhouse, there are top restaurants located, just make a wish and name it. The great chef Jamie Oliver and Gordon Rasay are almost gurus here, you will find all the world in London, from Caribbean curries to a very classic British dish , which consist of fish and chips, London is a city, where every culinary corner is covered! Enjoy!

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