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Barcelona, always pulsating city

Over the top of modernity

If you are looking for the best place to do Festas in Europe , there is just one city standing out, definitely carrying this title with head held high, a nation that calls "day off" - fiesta, which means party, Spanish definitely know how to enjoy life...Catalonia and Barcelona were one of the first tourist destinations in Spain, they know how to please the majority, they have one of the most spectacular beaches in the world, the party capital Ibiza and of course its great history, which by the way is the oldest in Europe. You will have a brilliant time in Barcelona, with variety of artistic treasures, churches and buildings designed by big names,such as Sali, Gaudi, Picaso,Miro and many others.

Barcelona sets in between two greatest natural wonders, mountains and sea, and they have managed to find a balance between those two, offering tourists a part of traditional things and also avant-garde city, the city has a great reputation, being the most cosmopolitan, modern and most avant garde city in all Spain, after 1992 Olympic Games it was all renewed. Two very well known beaches will please your stay, Costa Brava, named also "wild coast" surrounded by mountains, having its very own uniqueness, nature mixed with history and climate, picturesquare of the best ports have earn its worldwide reputation. Another famous is Costa Dorada, which means Golden Coast, and it really seems to be golden, luminous and incredible.

The most famous street like Ramblas, stunning architecture wonders like the Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila designed by great Gaudi will be there to make your stay in Barcelona even more valuable, countless museums all dedicated to someone famous, like one to Picasso, another to Miro and one even to the Barcelona's Football club Barca, that's exactly how big is the passion for this sport! It's one of those cities that really never sleeps, during the day there are plenty of things to do and the nightlife is one of the best, one of most beloved for Americans, Barcelona is alive night and day, with a unique and exciting atmosphere, giving visitors an unforgettable experience.

Spain's geographical position is more than perfect for rest of the world reach it, also for cheap flights, there are direct flights from the rest of the world. It also has great climate, Spain is enjoyable every time of the year, it's an ideal place for everyone in every season, Barcelona has 4 kilometers of sandy beaches...whatever you are looking for from this destination, fancy cafes, theaters, art exhibitions,parties, easy locals or you are looking for a piece of peace, you will find it all in one, incredible Barcelona.

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