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London for Free

What you can do on budget

Among the infinite things to do and see in London, one of the most visited cities in the world, there is a place for who doesn't want to spend a single penny. I mean, there is a lot of places! Galleries, museums, parks, squares and roads, all of them very important for you to fell like you really visited London.

One of the landmarks of London, the Natural History Museum, hosts many interesting exhibits like the famous Central Hall, with its cathedral like structure and the special pets, a Diplodocus skeleton, a 13 hundred years old giant Sequoia, the statue of Darwin and the dolphin skull. But the star of the museum is the blue whale model, in real size, suspended from the ceiling. In the Cocoon area, you can see scientists working, naming, cataloguing, analysing and preserving the collection of the museum.

Right in the centre of London, the Hyde park, one of the largest in the world, will make you feel like in a small city or in the woods. A wonderland in the winter for its frozen lakes, where everyone can skate and in the summer, swim. You will see many people boating, running, cycling, horse riding, playing tennis and others. There are many monuments in the park, including the Serpentine Bridge, Joy of Life fountain, and the Achilles statue.

An obligatory place to see is the Trafalgar Square, which has many events, shows and performances going on for the whole year. If you don't find any event, you are going to see the basics, but important, attractions: The Nelson's Column, to commemorate Horatio Nelson, who died in the battle of Trafalgar, the Fourth Plinth, that was supposed to hold the statue of William IV, but incomplete for the insufficient funds, now the plinth holds many contemporary artworks from different artists.

The British Museum has a collection that you can't miss. With historically important objects, as the Roseta Stone, the museum is one of the largest and most important museums about history in the world. Many of the Parthenon sculptures are located there, and the collection of the Ancient Egypt is huge. London is the place to go if you want to go around and visit important landmarks and attractions without paying a coin.

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