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Jakarta, everything flows calmly

Huge and very sprawling metropolis

Escaping from the messy world we are used to, searching for that mind blowing and particularly unique dream vacation, Indonesia will surprise you, offering exactly what you need. Bali is not the only place to see, if you need something more edgy and cool, Jakarta will be the place to be. With beautiful and positive people, this dynamic city won't let you down, city of daunting extremes, throwing up challenges and great stay. Gridlocked streets, amazing panoramas, rich with culture and arts, Jakarta is real, there is no such a thing as fakness and danger, Jakarta is safe and pleasant place, compare to other capitals in the world.

In this city everything flows calmly, while you sip a cup of tea in local cafe, you might rub shoulders with some celebrities, such as artists, writers, shakers, movers or thinkers, Jakarta is so relaxed and reserved, that it might surprise you, it’s unexpectable. From Chinatown to old city, Kota, that offers a long history and strong believes, that can’t be missed on the way of your journey in this city, bohemian cafe or a sleek lounge bar, or disco dancing, good museums and dozens of swanky shopping malls, it has it all, just give it a try. The inhabitants here are extremely fast and hard working, which pretty much explains the surging economy and an industriousness and optimism that's palpable.

Jakarta is a huge and very sprawling metropolis, that gives home to more than 9 million people, with another 2 million making their way to work and live there, as it has become the most iconic travel destination in Indonesia. It’s home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events., you will be surprised how fun and fascinating Jakarta really can be, mixing both, old world charm with a modern and vibrant night life. The best way to travel around the capital, is to hire a car, get a taxi or a tour bus, there are plenty things to be discovered apart the museums, there is a Botanical Garden with tropical plants and trees, 3,500 varieties of beautiful orchids, mountain resorts and very pretty bungalows and cottages to experience. There will be a little something for everyone, those ones, searching for a peace, will find it, and those ones looking for an edgy wildness, will too.

Jakarta has a wide variety of good food, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian and European, and of course a tasty Indonesian dishes, that will bring you closer to their culture, Indonesians eat out, but not in the restaurants, the very famous is street food, to grab something on the way, as they have no time at all. They eat simple but very delicious meals, fresh, simple ingredients, combined with a subtle blend of spices, resulting in a delicious and not expensive at all. The most they eat rice, its the main dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is no way that one meal can be without rice, they joke, unless they don't eat rice, they are still hungry. Eat rice, be positive and happy as Indonesians are!

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