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Londoners, fiercely independent thinkers

Historic splendor that will blow you away

London is the largest city in Europe, and one of the best destinations of all the times, a capital that's a dream come true to most of the people from all over the world, it seems like a hippy that is free, offering you to be free, and live your dream. Well, it's more complicated that it seems, but, yes, we can assure you that London will promise you a great time, whether is a vacation or moving for life, being very international and open minded.

The capital of the United Kingdom is both, business and tourist destination, visited annually by millions of people from all over the world, its Heathrow Airport is considered as the busiest in the world, of course cos of the easy flights to everywhere in the world, but still, London provides many attractions for everyone. Royal palaces, amazing museums, countless art exhibitions and some of the best bed and dine places in Europe.

London has something for everyone of us, those ones, who are looking for the history, will find it, those searching great architecture, will find it, and culture lovers, will be more than content, and yes, the party animals will also be satisfied. London is all around surrounded by splendid history, the Tower of London, Hampton Court, The Queens guards, the Royal family and the British tea culture. The city has its own unique and compelling biography.

The capital is the place of imaginations and ideas, a city where more than 300 diverse languages are spoken every day, where you will see this diversity of cultures all over London, in the culinary aromas, in the way of dressing, music...the place will stun you in a second, the major museums and most iconic sights you will find in central London, the energy of London is amazingly diverse and unique.

You can close your London tour with some of the best pubs or cocktails in Soho, and the desserts are the best, London is no doubt the capital of the culinary in the world, it's kind of impossible to describe it, the only way is to see it your own eyes, cos no one else in the world can fall in love for you, you have to do it face to face, fall in love with London.

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