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England, antiquity and historic splendor

Culinary capital of the world, London

If you fancy green lands and tea drinking ritual, which seems impossible to skip while living in this country, than you should definitely pack your stuff, throw some extra umbrellas and head to magnificent sceptred isle United Kingdom of England. The country is pretty amazing itself, known as a nation of shopkeepers and the mother nature was very generous around in here.

The great comics such as Mr Bean and Benny Hill comes from here, it's a nation that knows how to have a good laugh and take things easy...Drinking tea for them is like coffee for Italians, they love dogs and they are unbelievable footies, they also love to eat cupcakes and fast food, they are friendly, in few words, England is one of the most extraordinary and downright incomprehensible place on earth.

The country is a pearl, with waterfront galleries, great shops, one of the world's best restaurants, bars and trendy apartments, and the music venues, some of the best on earth.It's home of Queen Elizabeth and a place where countless and famous monarchs once lived. Even if Englands size is pretty small, the diversity of cultures that you will experience will leave you speechless, from dazzling London to the super tranquil country side of Britain.

London, immersed in history, the splendor of Big Ben, Tower of London and Hampton Court will take your breath away, in a nutshell, London is a center of everything, everywan come here, for shopping, great arts, exhibitions and concerts, there is no such a thing to be bored in London. Everything comes resolved and discussed with a cup of English Breakfast tea and biscuits, it seems more like a tradition, mash potatoes, bangers, which is sausage and roast is traditional dinner, Yorkshire pudding and delicious cupcakes will keep you company in rainy day.

It's not all about rain in here, there are actually many sunny days, and the great thing about England is that, you never know what to expect, rain snow or sunshine , before you leave the house, get ready to experience four season weather:) It's for everyone, from history to culture, art to architecture. Londoners are great critics and independent thinkers, the city itself is so incredible creative, that you instantly become one too. Choose your passion, music, arts, design or theatre, every dream can be possible, so just make up your mind, what you want to be, London is there to help you make it happen.

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