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Threshold between East and West

San Francisco, fog and fabulousness

California in USA is like a magically tropic cocktail, with crazy skateboarders, wild mushroom lovers and San Francisco's crazy inhabitants, it's a place where dreams come true and impossible becomes possible. You will be shocked by people walking naked and going to surf with skyscraper-sized waves...that's California, it makes people go a bit might expect that this place surprises you, but the truth is, you will surprise yourself.

As this region has got used to cameras on non stop, it starts to be hard to capture the real characteristics of each place, if you are lucky, you will see the Summer love of San Francisco and punk scene in Los Angeles, and how different the real citizens actually are. They say, American Smile, when someone is fake, and it's true, they are faking it a lot, with cameras on, every single moment could be the right one to know someone important, to get a job, it seems to me, they can’t relax, grabbing a drink, cos everything might be an opportunity, countless smiles, that are so well improved, that almost seem real.

San Francisco might lose everything everytime that earthquake comes, but not its nerve, it's simply foggy and fabulous. San Francisco is a door between East and West, fact and fiction, possible and impossible, people believing in body and soul, evil and god...hell and heaven. If back in 1906 women were forbidden from city Hall bars, nowadays it's all about women in bars, there are so many lounge bars and excellent restaurants to go to, enjoying the best food in all country, with fresh ingredients picked from the local farmers markets and local organic farms, vintage saloons and fabulous dining options.

San Francisco will give you an energy charge for a long time, with seven-by-seven-mile peninsula, wind and natural beauty over the Golden Gate Bridge and 43 hills, the weather changes every minute, you could be eating delicious caramel ice cream in Dolores Park, hiding from the tropical heat, and the next minute you will have goose bumps...surprise yourself with San Francisco!

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