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London, urban dynamism and gorgeous perspective

England has a long and very interesting history that through centuries has grown into an amazing, green and pleasant land to live in or to visit. The weather might not be the best, but somehow it's a part of charm, maybe to appreciate more the sunny days or vacation somewhere abroad. English are well known as a shopkeepers, that live a good life, have English breakfast tea, meet each other for some cupcakes and cup of tea any time of the day, is a good time for tea. Land of humour shows and of course Mister Bean, they go crazy for dogs, love trains and gardening, they collect all possible stuff and are superstar chefs, in one word a great nation with even greater spirit.

Its capital is the most cosmopolitan and the most visited city in Europe, everyone is talking about London's great shows, art scenes and museums, great shopping and anything that happens in the city is the new trend for everyone else. It's like a kettle of boiling water, it shakes from the action in it, but never breaks, just gets hotter, it has everything for everyone. Dazzling architecture, great museums, huge history and of course the Royal family. Enough antiquity and never ending splendour, famous attractions as Tower of London, Hampton Court and the city itself...

There is no doubt that London is the place of imagination and great ideas, where everyone seems to be more creative than the other one, non stop competition, so you have to be wide awake,. ready and prepared, because London never sleeps. Londoners are big critics, also to themselves, so the capital is ever changing, it's naturally streaked with left field attitude. They say , that London is a moving heaven on earth, and you will experience that by yourself.

Food available any time anywhere, anything you like, Indian, British, Italian, Spanish m,French Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, it's so incredibly multicultural, that you will get confused, where exactly are you. You will hear over 300 languages shaped around capital's linguistic sound scape, imagine that each of those brings a diverse culture,traditions, foods and attitude of life, religious and aromas, just pick the right for you. Sometimes you will have a feeling that the entire universe is here, enjoying the Big Ben, exploring the British Museum, tasting the culinary wonders and simply being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Anything can happen,you can make it happen in London, the most international city.

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