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Gracious welcome in the Napa Valley

Napa cellars, best Tasting Rooms

Heading to north America, leave the classics, discover a new world, tasty,green, sunny alive, Napa Valley. a true Wine Country, something non expected in the center of modern, great America, big apple land. Napa region has earned its reputation among the world's best as America's premier viticulture's not only wine capital, it's about great food, wellness and arts. The downtown amazingly plays its role as promoting and introducing guests with high-tech and traditional resources, leaving them more than satisfied.

Napa is home to more than 400 wineries, each of them exquisite and unique, so you probably will end up drunk, while you have to taste every single of them. Some of the world class restaurants and breathtaking views come along with the visit to Napa. It's not just the wine that makes this region amazing, its great natural treasure, such as carpet hillsides, rolling hills and century old oaks makes this place a dream come true. There are actually two counties, Napa and Sonoma, making in total more than 600 wineries, but it's not about quantity, quality is what counts, for example Napa competes with France. Some of the best goat cheeses, quality of food that comes along with delicious wine, makes Napa one of the best in the world.

Once you get here, you will be guided, with countless tours, hotels, shopping, restaurants and so much more. While tasting, you will learn a lot about the region, plan it well, Napa Valley is worth it, and once you get tired, just chill, with another glass of wine overlooking the beautiful vineyards and rolling's like a grown up fairy tale.

Napa is easy to find, only two miles away from San Francisco's San Pablo you are more than welcome any time, once you are in the neighborhood, that's worth visiting only of for a weekend, Napa will spoil you with amazing views, peace and the greatest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.Cheers!

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