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London, something for everyone

Tale of Two Cities

The capital of United Kingdom, the largest city in whole Europe, London is a center of everything, the home for most of the international organizations, with its own police force, City of London police, London is a true pearl located astride the famous river of Thames. A year round tourist destination, great in every season, multicultural and very much alive, a city that never sleeps, visited by millions of people annually, whether is for business of pleasure matter.

London will offer you all kinds of entertainment, from great museums and art exhibitions to Royal palaces and amazing nightlife. Even if it's very multicultural and hosting many foreign migrants, it manages to keep its traditional heritage and surrounding. The Big Ben and Royal house will remind you that you are in London, because sometimes it might get very confusing, hearing London's linguistic soundscape, over 300 languages are spoken and more than 300 nations call this city their home.

As there are so many diverse nations, there are also great choice of diverse cuisines, just pick one, any, London?s streets are fulfilled with the culinary aromas, that literally invites you. Everyone in here has a style, there is no such a person, being bullied or laughed at about the way of dressing, it's easy. A great shopping, with all kind of shops and malls. Music. Oh, how many kinds of music you will hear, from rap to's The City. You will feel like surrounded by the whole world. Tower of London and Hampton Court...

British museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, will take your breath away with great collections and diversity of magnificence. The markets, Notting Hill the most famous one, on every step you make in London, you will feel everything intrinsically British, and you will wonder, how is it possible in such a multicultural city keep its roots and traditions so alive.

Londoners are both, thinkers and critics, who have created all kinds of arts, they are talented and very confident, maybe because they have the main tool , the liberty, the real one. Pick one of many crazy pubs and have fun in London, it's so worth.

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