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London, mixture of spices

Imagination becomes reality

England is a green land with something of everything for everyone, London of course, is the jewel and pride of the country. One of the most visited and international cities in the world, despite of not that friendly weather, London is all about well being, wealth and business. It seems that this beautiful queen has no time to stop or to get rest, it's on non stop clock, a tireless innovator of cultures and arts, all kinds. British are great thinkers and also actors, critics and pretty happy folks, known for their charming accent all over the world.

London itself is a city of new ideas and imagination going real, anything your mind can think of, can be experienced in a little matter of time, just spread the idea, make sure someone sees it and likes it, and your doubts are gone, it's out, realer than real. Anything is possible in here. This huge metropolis has enormous energy and diversity, not to mention many cultures living in here.

Remember that this country's main language is English and British are the real citizens, but don't get confused by the other 300 languages that are widely used in here, each of them represents a new culture and culinary aromas around specific quarters and areas. The way they dress, the way they express themselves, the way they look, the kind of music they are listening to, it's a mixture of many spices into a hot pot!

London has an incredible history behind it, fulfilled with historic and antique splendor on every step you take. But there are many modern buildings and monuments, each representing one of the latest designers and architectural masterpieces...for example London's tallest skyscraper the Heron Tower and of course the old and iconic Tower 42, both of them offers beautiful views over London's best and dining options once you are up there. One of all times favorite is Walkie Talkie, which has 36 floors and sky gardens, botanical gardens with 360 degrees panorama. I could easily continue this list, but I won't , you have to get there by yourself and decide what's important for you to see. One is clear, with no doubt, London is a tireless innovator of art and culture, it's a busy metropolis with open minds and the wildest ideas and imaginations of human, that have become reality, one after another.

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