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Multicultural Toronto

Ho Ho Christmas happiness

Toronto is probably the most multicultural city in the world, with over 140 languages spoken, it's diverse and very alive. Everything you will experience in Toronto will be refreshing and interesting, the aromas, sights and sounds, very different but somehow familiar, each neighborhood is characterized by a nation, imagine that more than half of Toronto's residents were born abroad the country, so you will be counted as one of them. Very important is the fact that all those nations living side by side, have no racism issue going on, race related violence doesn't exist.

People are extremely helpful and welcoming, restaurants and happening bars are also wide, you will find American, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and so many others cuisines. You will find freezing winter time and colourful spring and fall in here, open your mind and remember, no matter what is that you are looking for, with a patience you will find it, eventually, Toronto has it all.

We all know there's no much time left for sparkling shop windows and long awaited Ho Ho happiness, late november, that's the time when Santa Claus comes to Toronto, and so the Santa Claus Parade. This tradition started a century ago, when more than 500000 people go on the streets, watching marching bands and the main person of the show, Santa and his sleigh, throughout the city center of Toronto.

This started back in 1905, it's a time of the year that every family waits, bringing kids and friends along, it's fun and one of the best event. Animated floats will start the march from the Christie and Bloor Street West in the company of two dozen marching bands and few thousands of cheering participants. The city center of Toronto transforms completely, with wonderful sparkling lights, snow covered window displays and most importantly skating rinks, where children will have fun all day long.

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