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Top 3 reasons to visit Georgia

An Old country to discover

Ever been to Georgia? The country, not the state (in USA)! With natural beauty in abundance, depth of history and culture, this country is also known for its excellent wines. Georgia also holds the title of the 6th most safest country in the world.

When planning a trip, best to find out tips from the locals, so we asked the award winning Envoy Hostel & Tours Tbilisi for input. As experts in this region, the Envoy Hostel team provided their top 3 reasons to visit Georgia.

Stunning view of the city of Tbilisi from Envoy Hostel Tbilisi Roof Top Terrace, in the heart of the Old Town area.

Tbilisi the charming Capital city

Old Town area, lined with modern café’s and pubs, this is the place to be. Meandering through the quaint cobble stoned streets, you are bound to stop and marvel at the mix of old and new architecture, a feast for the eyes and a joy for those keen on photography!


Food is the way to the heart

If you like flavoursome food, you will be delighted with the wide range of food. Vegetarians and carnivores alike will take pleasure in the vast range of delicious local dishes. From oven baked mushroom cups through to giant meat dumplings known as Khinkali, you are bound to fall in love with Georgian food. And if you like wine, there are plenty of excellent local wines to accompany your delicious food.


Delicious Georgian Cuisine | EnvoyTours


Nature abound

Georgia has it all, stretching from black sandy beaches of the black sea to the highest settlements in Europe in Ushguli, you will find yourself wanting to stop at every corner to take in the natural beauty. There are canyons and gorges, mountain top lakes and forests to hike and camp through, this is the ultimate outdoor activity country!

Ushguli | the highest settlement in Europe

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