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Win 3 free nights at our new Flying Pig!

Name contest; be creative and WIN!

You lucky guys have the chance to win three free nights at the new Flying Pig hostel! Getting wasted is included too! All you have to do is be creative and come up with a fresh name for the newly renovated Flying Pig (Uptown)!

Those of you who've stayed at the Flying Pig Uptown know the hostel is located in a beautiful residential area, very close to Leidseplein. Here you can find tonnes of clubs, bars and restaurants nearby. The area is also known as the museum and fashion district, making it the cultural heart of the city centre where all the cool locals hang out.

Right now the hostel is being refurbished and expanded. The atmosphere will remain the same, with a laidback and cozy feel - making it the perfect setting for people to meet, smoke and drink together.

The new bar will be THE hang out spot for our guests, with an indoor smoking area (of course), lots of great music and our lovely staff on hand to help out with absolutely anything.

A new hostel deserves a new name and we want you guys to pick it! If we use your suggestion we'll invite you to stay at the new hostel for three nights - with all drinks included!

Before you post you answers, in keep in mind that you're replacing the word �Uptown� (in Flying Pig Uptown). Also the name needs to go with Flying Pig Downtown.

Send all your answers to: before Feb 26th.

Good Luck!

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