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Dublin - It's Not Just a Place

Dublin, Ireland

Mysterious Northern country full of Celtic myths, sentimental romance, sense of the past and heartstring nature. It is Ireland, usually described as a country of hills and lakes. Gain an essential Irish experience visiting prehistorical sites, fascinating Viking villages and a true heart of Ireland - Dublin. The capital of Ireland keeps most of the country's treasures: music, street life, history and embracing Gaelic culture. Magnificent city is looking forward to presenting itself.

Heart of Ireland has its own heart - O'Connell Bridge, that connects and mixes colorful atmosphere of students' life, vibrant surroundings and streets filled with laugh and conversations. Crissthe bridge and vary your Dublin experiences: enjoy the stupendous architecture of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin Castle, St. Stephen's Green park or ensemble of Trinity College. Step into the local bars for a lunch, a pint of beer or a folk music venues (most of them are found around University's area). Wander along narrow streets, small squares little by little discovering every corner of the city.

The visit to Dublin cannot be imagined without a national drink - beer. All in all, it is a city where invented. Probably not without reason it is said that Dublin without Guinness is like the earth without out air. If you share the same opinion, the trip to Guinness storehouse is a must. Those, who are affascionated by history and culture should take a look at National Gallery, National Museum of Archaeology and History and Gallery of Modern Art. What is more, take a chance to get entertained by outstanding drama performances at Dublin's Abbey theater. You will find the atmosphere that is virtually impossible to describe all around you!

Dublin's spirit influenced by the great history of a small island makes it one of the most seductive capitals in Europe. A sense of the past is very intense there. Easy to come and hard to leave - it's all about being in Dublin.

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