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A City Like No Other

Lisbon, Portugal

Looking something different than from mainstream European travel? Get your feet on the land of Portugal. Since 1986, after joining European Union the country received a considerable amount of money to raise its economy. Even though, this country is devoted to the "poor ones", it has its own charm and old-fashioned spirit. Portugal's capital, Lisbon, is truly beguiling city. The blend of old and new is alluring there and adds to the travel experience some great impressions.

A trip to Lisbon is a perfect gift to your stomach. Expect hearty, robust and tasty cuisine. The habitants of Lisbon eat a lot of fish and seafood (dry salted codfish and warming winter stews should be tried). The city is also known for its heavy soups as almost no lunch can go without them. For the sweets' lovers Lisbon can offer tones of pastry shops with traditional delicious specialities like pastries filled with custard. Red and white wine tasting should not be excluded from your schedule. Lisbon flavors and tastes are unique like a city itself.

In 1755 Lisbon was struck by the destructive earthquake. It caused the flooding and lower part of the city was totally destroyed. However, some of the most beautiful places somehow remained preserved from the natural disasters. The upper part of the town has maintained its charismatic look, becoming the liveliest district of Lisbon during the night. Jeronomos Monastery presents a undescribable combination of delicacy and strength. It's a stunning ensemble that represents a mix of various architectural fashions and styles. In addition, one should definitely visit Monument to the Discoveries, Topiary gardens, Rosario square, Belem tower and St. George's castle.

As befits its capital status, Lisbon offers a lot of cultural attractions. Despite of vide variety of museums, the colorful range of theater, music and ballet performances are offered. Shopping should be done in downtown Lisbon - Chiado. It is the smartest shopping district full of classy boutiques and lovely local crafts. Lisbon should certainly be your next destination.

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