“Set-jetting” is a term that combines “set” and “jetting” and refers to the practice of traveling to locations that are popular or iconic film or television filming locations. In other words, set-jetting involves visiting places where movies or TV shows were filmed. This trend has gained popularity among travelers who are fans of specific films or series and want to experience the locations featured on the screen. Here are some key points about set-jetting:

  1. Film and TV Tourism: Set-jetting is a form of film and TV tourism where enthusiasts visit destinations that have been featured prominently in movies or television shows.
  2. Pop Culture Connection: Set-jetting is often driven by a strong connection to pop culture. Fans of particular films or series are drawn to the locations where their favorite scenes were filmed.
  3. Iconic Locations: Set-jetting destinations may include iconic landmarks, landscapes, buildings, or cities that served as settings for memorable scenes in popular media.
  4. Impact on Tourism: The popularity of a film or TV show can have a significant impact on tourism in the locations where it was filmed. Fans may be inspired to visit these places, leading to increased tourism and economic benefits for the local communities.
  5. Tours and Packages: In some cases, tour operators and travel agencies create set-jetting packages that cater specifically to fans of certain films or TV shows. These packages may include guided tours of filming locations, visits to relevant landmarks, and themed experiences.
  6. Cultural and Historical Interest: Set-jetting destinations are not only chosen for their association with popular media but also for their cultural and historical significance. Travelers may gain a deeper appreciation for a location’s history and heritage as they explore the settings of their favorite films.
  7. Film Tourism Events: Some destinations organize film tourism events or festivals to attract set-jetting enthusiasts. These events may include screenings, panel discussions, and guided tours of filming locations.
  8. Social Media Influence: Social media platforms play a significant role in promoting set-jetting. Travelers often share their experiences, photos, and recommendations, inspiring others to visit the same locations.

Examples of popular set-jetting destinations include places like New Zealand for “The Lord of the Rings” series, Dubrovnik, Croatia, for “Game of Thrones,” and various locations in the United Kingdom associated with the “Harry Potter” film series.

Set-jetting provides a unique way for fans to connect with their favorite movies and TV shows, combining their love for storytelling with real-world travel experiences.

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