New Zealand opened its doors to the world’s first post-pandemic concert

Six60 Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand opened its doors to the world’s first post-pandemic concert.

More than 50,000 people attended a concert in New Zealand considered the largest concert in the world since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the start of the pandemic, New Zealand has only recorded 2,601 cases and 26 deaths.

By closing its borders and having a thorough testing and tracking system, the country has pursued a successful zero-Covid policy.

Rock band Six60 played in New Zealand’s largest sports stadium, Eden Park, in Auckland, to a sold out crowd. No masks or social distances of any kind were required.

The concert is regarded as a testament to New Zealand’s success due to careful and rigorous control of the virus by the authorities. The gig stands in stark contrast to most of the rest of the world where blockages are still in place, or in the process of being extended, and waves of infections are underway.

“Our city showed the world this week that in the midst of a global pandemic, we can live close to normal in Auckland,” Mayor Phil Goff said in a statement.

Those who attended the concert in person and said they were living a very special moment, that is, being surrounded by so many people. This had not happened since before the pandemic.

Man is a social animal, so giving him the opportunity to share moments of union with his fellow men is something that goes beyond the limits of fear for Covid-19. you feel part of a community, of a group of something bigger.

Singer Matiu Walters said before the concert that he knows what it’s like to be locked up. He sucked. And they didn’t know if they would be able to play again, but they are lucky, for some reason, here in New Zealand. New Zealand will soon open its doors to tourists. We hope and believe that this will happen soon.

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