Backpackers stories

Backpacking is a way of travel allright.
You will find backpackers sightseeing, clubbing, sunbathing, juggling, praying, camping, bicycling, hitch hiking, hiking, drinking themselves half to death, looking for the meaning of everyting, finding love, loosing love, going crazy and everything inbetween.

They are as diverse as any other loosely defined subculture, but still share the basics of backpacking: a limited budget, an open mind and the joy of meeting people.
This section will bulge with a little more in-depth articles from new and experienced travellers all around the world.
Stories of travellers lost and found in the wilderness, urban trekking, stories of joy and sometimes dread, about finding the fountain of youth and magic red wine from a valley beyond the unknown.

All stories are sent in by travellers, and we encourage you to send in yours too.

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