Hostels in Germany

The founders of the hostel movement in Germany are expanding

The first backpacker hostel in Germany was opened in 1994 by Ante Zelck with few beds and the simplest standards at vibrant Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Due to the high demand, the premises soon became too small. The offer of Mitte�s Backpacker Hostel was enlarged with relocation to Chausseestrasse 102 in Berlin � Mitte. The old hat factory with 600 m� provided space for a much higher amount of beds. In 2000, the company expanded at this location to 1000 m�. Additionally, Ante Zelck opened the BaxPax Hostel at Skalitzer Strasse with Olaf Juhl, his partner since the first relocation. Due to the additional leasing of apartments, 220 beds are available now. Only in Germany�s capital, the amount of hostel beds rose from 20 (1994) over 4500 (2001) to nearly 10.000.

All over Germany, you will nowadays find Hostels in nearly every major city. They do not only attract a new cosmopolitan audience, but with their modern and individual orientation are even ranking before the common lodging facilities. The travelers, mostly around 20 years old, do not want to go back to the dusty youth hostels, which are in one thought with strict conditions and beefing wardens. With this, the hostels have recognized the �want� of today and are positioning themselves as student-hostels. For a young and modern audience, they today are the first choice in Germany�s largest cities.

Ante Zelck�s and Olaf Juhl�s story of success is continued in 2006. With the opening of their third hostel, the baxpax downtown hostel/hotel, they are covering a further segment between hostel and hotel offers. By the mixture of top level service and the famous multi-cultural and cozy atmosphere, a completely new kind of hospitality is arising in the heart of Berlin. For all those, that could not find themselves in the common ways of hospitality, this hostel will become a meeting point for those travelers and artists. More information is to be found at or

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