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Good to be here. This site gives me the chance to express what I have been feeling during my travelling. Travelling can be easy but at the same time it can be the hardest thing in the world if you do not have any or wrong info.

My idea is to bring my experiences to everyone and the experiences of all the people who will be visiting and writing for this website in the future .

On my last trip I went to Suriname and Guyana (I was one of the few tourists there!). All info I found before getting there were not correct, this meant that all my plans were screwed. So I had to change my original plans several times, 7 times in 16 days. I was upset but at the same time I imagined that a lot of people travelling around the world can have the same problems as me.

So from today on my wish is that this website will help all the people that are planning on travelling anywhere in the world, with updated info about the place they would like to visit. Updates made by traveller writers just returned from their trip or still travelling around the world to give fresh news. Anyone should feel free to write news about travelling, hostels, and anything which can help others find their way around. We will welcome all comments and new ideas.

Thank you for your support. Enjoy our site

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