100 Must Visit Spots in Korea

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The authorities of South Korean tourism have created a list of 100 places to visit. Most of the sites include outdoor locations or little-known sites. All to  keep people crowds away to visit the most tourist attractions.

The Korea Tourism Organization has posted the list online. 

Have divided the group of sites in local regional area 

Seoul Capital Area
Gangwon-do Area
Chungcheong-do Area
Gyeongsang-do Area
Jeolla-do Area
Jeju-do Area

100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots 

Seoul Capital Area

SeoulThe Five Royal Palaces in Seoul show

SeoulIkseon-dong show

Seoul Seoullo 7017 show

SeoulCOEX show

SeoulHongik University Street show

SeoulItaewon Special Tourist Zone show

SeoulDongdaemun Design Plaza show

SeoulMyeong-dong Street show

SeoulN Seoul Tower show

SeoulLotte World show

Gyeonggi-doSeoul Grand Park show

Gyeonggi-doNamhansanseong Fortress show

Gyeonggi-doHwadam Botanic Garden show

Gyeonggi-doPocheon Art Valley show

Gyeonggi-doHantangang Tourist Area show

Gyeonggi-doPaju DMZ show

Gyeonggi-doJebudo Island show

Gyeonggi-doHwaseong Fortress, Suwon show

Gyeonggi-doEverland show

Gyeonggi-doGwangmyeong Cave show

Gyeonggi-doYangpyeong Dumulmeori show

Gyeonggi-doThe Garden of Morning Calm show

IncheonIncheon Chinatown show

IncheonSorae Port show

IncheonWolmido Island show

IncheonSongdo Central Park show

Gangwon-do Area

Gangwon-doSeoraksan Mountain show

Gangwon-doJumunjin Beach show

Gangwon-doOdaesan Mountain show

Gangwon-doNami Island show

Gangwon-doHigh1 Resort show

Gangwon-doMuseum SAN show

Gangwon-doSogeumsanSuspension Bridge show

Gangwon-doGoseong DMZ Tourist Area show

Gangwon-doVivaldi Park show

Gangwon-doCave Area in Daei-ri show

Gangwon-doWondae-ri Birch Forest show

Gangwon-doDaegwallyeong show

Gangwon-doGangneung Coffee Street show

Chungcheong-do Area

DaejeonGyejoksan Red Clay Trail show

Chungcheongbuk-doEight Sights of Danyang show

Chungcheongbuk-doMancheonha Skywalk show

Chungcheongbuk-doCheongnamdae Presidential Villa show

Chungcheongbuk-doSanmagiyet-gil Trail show

Chungcheongnam-doAnmyeondo Island show

Chungcheongnam-doBaekje Historic Areas

(G ungnamji Pond, Busosanseong Fortress, Nakhwaam Cliff)


Chungcheongnam-doDaecheon Beach show

Chungcheongnam-doNational Institute of Ecology show

Chungcheongnam-doBaekje Historic Areas

(Gongsanseong Fortress, Tomb of King Muryeong)


Gyeongsang-do Area

BusanGamcheon Culture Village show

BusanMarine City show

BusanJagalchi Market show

BusanHaeundae Beach show

BusanTaejongdae Park show

BusanSongdo Beach show

DaeguDaegu Modern History Streets show

DaeguPalgongsan Mountain show

DaeguSeomun Market show

DaeguKim Kwang Suk Memorial Mural Road show

UlsanTaehwagang Simni Bamboo Grove show

UlsanYeongnam Alps show

Gyeongsangbuk-do Uljin Red Pine Forest Trail show

Gyeongsangbuk-doUlleungdo Island & Dokdo Island show

Gyeongsangbuk-doBulguksa Temple & Seokguram Grotto show

Gyeongsangbuk-doDaereungwon Ancient Tomb Complex

(Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond, Cheomseongdae Observatory, Daereungwon Ancient Tombs, Cheonmachong Tomb, and Hwangnidan-gil Street)


Gyeongsangbuk-doAndong Hahoe Village show

Gyeongsangbuk-doPohang Canal show

Gyeongsangbuk-doYeongdeok Snow Crab Street show

Gyeongsangbuk-doBuseoksa Temple show

Gyeongsangbuk-doJuwangsan Mountain  show

Gyeongsangnam-doSkyline Luge Tongyeong show

Gyeongsangnam-doWindy Hill show

Gyeongsangnam-do Oedo-Botania show

Gyeongsangnam-doUpo Wetland show

Gyeongsangnam-doGerman Village show

Gyeongsangnam-doJinjuseong Fortress  show

Gyeongsangnam-doHaeinsa Temple show

Jeolla-do Area

Gwangju Yangnim-dong Modern History and Culture Village show

GwangjuMudeungsan Mountain  show

Jeollabuk-doJeonju Hanok Village show

Jeollabuk-doNaejangsan Mountain show

Jeollabuk-doGunsan Time Travel show

Jeollabuk-doMuju Taekwondowon show

Jeollabuk-doMaisan Mountain show

Jeollanam-doSeomjingang Train Village show

Jeollanam-do Gaudo Island show

Jeollanam-doBoseong Green Tea Plantation show

Jeollanam-doSuncheonman Wetland show

Jeollanam-doYeosu Expo Ocean Park show

Jeollanam-doJuknokwon Bamboo Garden show

Jeollanam-doMihwangsa Temple show

Jeju-do Area

Jeju-doHallasan Mountain show

Jeju-doOlle-gil Trail show

Jeju-doSeongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone show

Jeju-doBijarim Forest show

Jeju-doCape Seopjikoji show

Jeju-doUdo Island show

Jeju-doSeogwipo Everyday Olle Market show

Jeju-doJeolmul Recreational Forest show

S0uth Korea 100 Destinations

The organization is cooperating with private firms to promote the recommended sites using smartphone apps and social media.
Twenty percent discounts of up to about 25 dollars were also offered on accommodation reserved through a special website.

Nearly 20,000 people who visited these locations using a mapping app from July to August . One thousand people also won gift certificates after they posted photos taken at these tourist sites on social media.

Through these campaigns, tourism authorities are hoping to encourage tourists to visit places with relatively low risk of infection, and support local economies.

South Korea is ready to show is beauty.

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