Pope Benedict XVI in Rome

Italian Capital will have visitors from all over the planet.
The Beatification of Pope John Paul II will be visiting Rome from 30th of April until 2nd of May. About two and a half million of people are expected in Rome for the beatification of Pope John Paul II on May 1, 2011 to witness his progress towards sainthood. The ceremony in St. Peter’s Square is expected to be one of the biggest media events of the new century.

It will take two miracles for Pope John Paul II to become a saint. Last month when his successor, Benedict XVI, approved a decree attributing a miracle to hi, John Paul II moved a step closer to sainthood. It concerned a French nun diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the nun said that after she and her fellow nuns prayed to him, her illness had disappeared.

Italian Capital will have many visitors these 3 days, even before the beatification, with up to 3 million thought likely to be in Rome, the city’s resources will be seriously strained. The l

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