My travel story

I just recieved a newsletter from your new site and have signed up immediately.. Firstly, I would like to wish you much luck on what I think from a travellers perspective, sounds like a great website, with all the information you need when travelling.. It seems to me that it is still relatively new, and I am sure with time, more info will be put in from the experts, and just everyday travellers/backpackers, which I definately find to be the most important and realistic source to be getting ideas and info from.

I myself, now, consider myself to be a traveller.. I left my home in Sydney, Australia this year in June, taking a year off my studies at University, to travel the world for (what I hope to be 12 months) and so far I have seen and experienced so many incredible things. (having never travelled before.) I studied for a month in Spain, before letting loose with my backpack and my trusty travel diary and pen gripped at the ready for those long train trips, lonely nights in hostels (when my stomach could simply not accept any more vino tinto..) and feel thats after 5 months of living in hostels all over Europe, a different city every week, meeting incredible people of different cultures, and making wonderful friends from Peru to Seattle, from Kuala Lumpur to 20 minutes down the road from me in Sydney, and of course the locals from the place itself…

I study English and writing at uni in Sydney, and feel that my experiences thus far have provided much inspiration for my degree, and hope to compile many of my stories for some kind of publication in the future, or if not even this, it will hopefully provide interesting reading for my professors when I hand in creative writing assignments, and if not them, Im sure Mum and Dad would be proud to read them!

I would love to help in making this site get up and running to the great extent which I know is possible. I have visited roughly 12 countries, and many wonderful cities (now residing in London, until I pick up my backpack again when I head to The States after Christmas) and have many opinions on hostels, advice on good places to find a nice cheap curry, or the perfect pasta meal in various cities, I could provide some peronal helpful info on some local public transport etc..

I have worked with internet websites before, previously working as ‘Website Editorial Coordinator’ for a Sydney Radio Station called FBi ( writing many articles, and working closely in editing the publications on our website. I have also been published a couple of times in my University Newspaper. I just thought that perhaps you may have certain things you may need help with getting started up? If so, feel free to drop me a line. Many Thanks, and good luck!

Hope to be in touch soon,
Camille Poshoglian

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