exciting city in the midwest

Chicago is little, but pretty neat and dynamic city. It faces beautiful Lake Michigan, which adds to the overall ambience. Chicago has various ethnicities, like Polish street, Ukrainian village, Greek town etc. Cool architectures and a lot of restaurants or shops attract many people. Chicago is also famous as “windy city” and its coldness during winter. But no matter how windy or cold it is, you will see a bunch of people on the streets especially weekends or long-term holidays, like Easter, thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break whatever. Halloween parades, fireworks at Navy Pier, music festivals are fun events in this city.

North Michigan Avenue is the central shopping area. You can enjoy shopping in the downtown Chicago by just walking around without using any public transportation. Many department stores around this shopping area, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, NORDSTROM, 900 North Michigan Shops, Water Tower Place are sophisticated and you will find fancy presents. Also, since many shops on North Michigan Avenue are big enough, it is comfortable to look around at their goods in the shops even though it is a crowded day. Express, Ann Taylor, Nike Town, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and so on are popular with young people. Lovely home goods shop, Crate&Barrel is always crowded with mothers and families.

If you walk around the down town Chicago, you will see girls with red shopping bags everywhere. These red shopping bags are from American Girl Place which is famous for the dolls with pretty faces and fashionable dresses. Since this shop in Chicago is only the place we can see the showroom in the United States, a lot of people come shopping for this shop from many places. If you go 15 minutes away from downtown by train, you might be disappointed to see the end of lively area. However, there are several shopping malls and outlet malls in suburb Chicago which also attract people by its affordable prices.

As a whole, Chicago has a lot of beautiful sights that come together to create a beautiful skyline along Lake Michigan. Additionally, Chicago has organized clean streets and fantastic architectures everywhere. Especially, you will realize genuine kindness of people in Chicago. If you are at the station with a city map, somebody will ask you if you need directions. If you are carrying your suitcase at the stairs, somebody will ask you if you need help. This friendly warmhearted people are making city more beautiful. You should stop by Chicago, before going to NY!

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