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Quentin Tarantino

As we all know, torture can be great fun. No, really. If you’re familiar with japanese film director Takeshi Miike you know that nothing is like pouring boiling oil over a man hanging from hooks through his back, while blowing smoke out of the holes in your cheeks and later cutting your tongue out. If you for some strange reason are not familiar with Mr Miike, your soul is probably a barren wasteland where maggots greedily feast upon your ignorance.

Hard blow for Slovakian tourism?
Ear-slicing wonderkid Quentin Tarantino is not the only one that has looked to the east for gory inspiration. Eli Roth has with the making of Hostel proved himself worthily in the Movie Hall of Gore, and has also probably caused some degree of panic in the office of the Slovakian Tourism Agency. In the movie, three pussyhunting backpackers (no, really?!) who are touring the red light districts eventually find themselves in a sleezy easy-sex hostel in the backyard of Slovakia.

And so then; beautiful naked girls, people missing, body parts missing, people getting ventilated with very powerful tools, vomit, blood, secret horror chambers and plenty of screaming, all sewed together with (among others) Quentin Tarantino as executive producer. Gorefreaks and shocklovers of the world unite:
Hostel might just be your nirvana, your island in the void, your black sun of the endless night, your ear in the soup.

One advice though: I once used Pier Paolo Pasolinis Salo, 120 days in Sodom as a dating movie. For those of you not familiar with the movie, it is based on the book of (loosely) the same name, written by Marquis de Sade, the father of the expression “Sadism,” and the director was actually murdered after the making of the movie. Nuff to be said, that particular date caused wounds on my soul never to heal. Please be wiser; do not choose Hostel as your next dating movie. Just don’t. Please.

All hostels associated with target=”_blank”> are certified as torture-free.
However we cannot guarantee that they are free from beautiful naked women
and good looking boys. Go at your own risk!

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