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Food for thought and thoughts of Food –

Food for thought and thoughts of Food

Toronto Canada

Toronto is the highlight of anyone’s trip to charismatic and culturally diverse Canada. The city itself is brimming full of open friendly people waiting to welcome you no matter where you’re from. Anytime you go there will be an event that regardless of what they are celebrating everyone is invited.

That’s the thing about Toronto, no matter what culture you embrace  or what you love as long as you’re willing to share it with everyone you will be loved in return.

Hostel in Toronto Canada

One great thing about Toronto that I must start with is the food. As there is such a blend of different cultures no matter what you fancy for dinner, you will get it; along with an insight into another culture and other’s passions.

For instance Toronto has a wonderful Chinatown, Little Greece, Little India, Little Spain and those who top the list are Little Italy and Little Portugal! These subcultures will offer you a chance to see the decorations, lifestyles and quirks or elsewhere as well a sneak peak into another world for an evening. If you fancy something a bit more casual though Toronto still has the usual fantastic restaurants for all budgets in more areas.

Hostel in Toronto Canada

The cream of the crop here are: Parkdale for the creative and cheap eaters. The financial district for the brokers and well fitted suits wanting to impress. You’ll be spoilt for choice if the company is paying of course. Ossington for those who like a side of food with their beer. Penultimately is King West for those who have been to all of these places and you want something new and fresh as the new influx of chefs and ideas come straight into King West. Lastly, the place where the classic meets the new; where the rich meets the poor for plain old good food: The Annex.

Hostel in Toronto Canada

This has always been the key place to go in Toronto for food since the beginning but as all the incredibly delicious competition popped up The Annex has had to reinvent itself and it has keyed in on that last bit of demand and so greatly supplied. So if you have been to every option but those tastebuds somehow have not been tickled go to the Annex where you’ll get what you came for and in classic Canadian style you can hit one of many pubs after.

Hostel in Toronto Canada

Festivals and events must get a shout out for Toronto holds a festival maybe every month and a gathering of some sort many times a day. You will never be without new friends. Whenever you go you can guarantee there will be something exhaling togetherness. So as we’re not all lucky enough to live in Toronto with unlimited time and no need to work: here we will filter the thousands into a few unmissable events.

One of the greatest is ‘The Canadian National Exhibition’. The CNE is well known among all Canadians as it’s one of the most popular end of summer gatherings. Three days long in duration and a family event it includes park entertainers and farm animals and life sized characters for the kids and concerts and chef demonstrations for the adults. Fireworks, competitions and seminars to learn and experience something new all in a relaxing environment.

Lastly the great PRIDE of Toronto. This gay pride event rakes in an astonishing 1 million people every year, as it should it’s a month long celebration of love in all forms. So make sure you hit every party in the Gay Village and all the concerts for every genre of music. The greatest part is finding you have a new perspective on so many things that regardless of whether you’re in Toronto or not; it’s hard not to take away meaning from your everyday experiences.

All in diverse and loving Toronto. Food for thought and thoughts of Food

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