Hong Kong, where East meets West

All of the Lights, Sounds, and Tastes

Hong Kong is one of the most unique cities in the World and worth the visit just to see the metropolis straddle the archipelago it’s built on. Hong Kong is a dynamic blend of Chinese and Western culture with traditional temples, Chinese cuisine and Disney World. Visit and see the fantastic sights and meet the fantastic people that call Hong Kong home.

The indelible image of Hong Kong is without a doubt the Symphony of Lights that illuminates the Hong Kong skyline. Framed by the towering skyscrapers on all sides of the straits. The skyscrapers themselves are breathtaking in their own regard, but with the Symphony of Lights. This city becomes a work of art. More colourful than some renaissance masterpieces. This masterpiece is the Guinness World record holder for the largest permanent light and sound show. You can view this spectacle from the river to get an excellent panorama of the city. Or from the mighty pinnacle  of Victoria Peak for a bird’s eye view of the futuristic city. If you miss the show, do not worry this visual feast is on display daily at 8pm.

For children and adults who love theme parks, in Hong Kong, they have their own Disneyland.

Disneyland is recognisable all over the world. When you walk into the park and see Sleeping Beauty’s castle, you will feel the magic and feel like a child again, but at the moment you first saw a Disney film. Of course with a Disneyland park you have a full day of attractions, celebrations, and performances.

It can be a full day excursion to Disneyland because of the amount of attractions on offer so spend two days if you can so you can appreciate the park at your own pace, without fear of missing anything out.

For some sightseeing, the Ride 360 Ngong Ping is your talisman for a stunning aerial view of Hong Kong. This cable car crosses the bay, over the city itself and then into the surrounding hills. Helping you appreciate what a jewel Hong Kong is. With both the incredible architecture but also with the wild and majestic hills. Few cities have such qualities to see, but fewer yet have a cable car that allows you to take in the scenery in such a manner. You will definitely want to bring your camera.

Hong Kong Strong from Brandon Li on Vimeo.

For food, Hong Kong is a culinary titan. Historically with the city being on the crossroads of trade the local cuisine has developed a supreme menu. You are able to go on tours of Hong Kong to find some of the best food there is. This means you won’t miss out on something special like beef brisket noodles from Sister Wah. Or if you are adventurous and are fascinated by other flavours. Then a bowl of snake soup from Ser Wong Fun, which is believed to keep away the cold and similar illnesses. Ser Wong Fun would know as the restaurant has been serving snake soup for over a hundred years. However, with Hong Kong and it’s ultra famous street food you will be looking up the recipes of every meal you eat. So you can recreate the beautiful flavours again, and to help you get it perfect, there are cooking classes available.

For a trip outside of the city, the Po Lin Monastery, or the Big Buddha as it’s informally known, is superb for leaving the hustle and bustle of the city. The monastery is spectacularly ornate with the crowning gigantic buddha on top. Set into the top of a mountain the monastery has a natural feel that is calming. Don’t be alarmed by the remoteness of Po Lin Monastery as it’s readily accessible from the Ngong Ping cable car. So you can have a relaxing twenty-five minutes drifting through the mountains around Hong Kong to this spiritual location.

Hong Kong has a world of its own to offer, from the futuristic Symphony of Light. Which turns the physical look of Hong Kong into the art world. To the beautiful mountains and the Po Lin Monastery outside the city. You have it all with the convenience of the big city and the peaceful mountainside to unwind. Not to mention you will not go hungry with some of the greatest street snacks and local delicacies in the restaurants that give Hong Kong its signature feel. For a city break, Hong Kong is a top destination.

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