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Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon, one of the cheapest and colorful locations in Europe, provided of excellent views that remember you that Portugal is the connection between the old and the new World, In this city the big part of the year, you’ll find awesome weather, so, remember to put your summer outfit on your luggage.

Can you imagine stay at the sunset looking how a lot of artists are painting the beautiful view of the sun going down in the sea with thousands of Blue tiles around?, we know, it’s a surrealistic situation, that you can perfectly experiment in the Santa Lucia Lookout, a place with a lot of stories in its buildings, from earthquakes to historic battles between Muslims and Christians at XVII Century.

What is the first picture that you have in your mind when you listen to “Lisbon”? without hesitate, we think that is the yellow tram going up for an inclined street, and these are the most characteristic symbol of this city, in different parts of the city, you can take this little wagon with the same Metro Ticket, and enjoy of all the kind of places that you find in Lisbon, the River view, the ancient city center, and of course all the natural Portuguese Lifestyle.

Personally, we recommend to you the Ascensor do Lavra, the oldest elevator in the city, with almost 140 years.

We told you about the connection between the old and new world present in Lisbon, well, Belem (yes, as the Jesus Christ born place) is a time travel, around of this place you’ll find a lot of references about the Portuguese exploration to Africa and America, maybe the richest place in Portugal in the history Topic.

Well, Lisbon offers to you the best experiences in a not conventional European city, What are you waiting to go there?

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