Move your desk, change your life in Barcelona

Barcelona turisme

Barcelona Tourism authority comes up with a brilliant promotional idea to bring or attract new citizens.

Barcelona has been a Top destination for all your European and world travelers. Now the city tries to invite tourists to stay longer and enjoy all the beauty and the services that the city can offer to the smart working generation. From the sea to the mountains in only 2hrs.

the name of this campaign is Barcelona Workstation. Move your desk, change your life in Barcelona

Why Barcelona?

Living and working in the city or in the heart of the countryside in the region surrounding Barcelona is a privilege. You can enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, wonderful food, architecture, shops, culture, traditional festivals, natural parks, green spaces, and 100km of coastline as you explore their many delights on foot or by bicycle. We invite you to discover them in depth!

Barcelona Move your desk
Barcelona Move your desk

«Barcelona Workation» is the name under which Turisme de Barcelona is promoting Barcelona as an ideal destination for temporary telecommuting with the primary objective of attracting visitors who work remotely and at the same time are looking for a new experience away from their usual place of residence.

Backed by the Diputació de Barcelona, the city is an ideal destination for this type of temporary visitor and offers a range of services and products designed to meet the needs of a trending demand.

Barcelona Tourism
Barcelona Tourism

The so-called professional nomads are a new community that combines leisure and business, with “travel” being the key element in this new concept. Potentially, this group could make up 25% of Barcelona’s main tourist markets, as these people are already teleworking either permanently or frequently. However, the numbers have recently exploded by 45% due to current circumstances. If we combine the trend towards digitalization with a work-life balance, it is estimated that the proportion of people teleworking will increase each year, meaning that, in the short term, more than 30% of people will be able to work from home.

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