Pubs reopen in London, after a very long wait.

Boris Jonhson

Finally! The day that everyone, awaited with much anxiety and joy. Pubs reopen in London. After a very long wait, the British can finally leave the house and join their friends, lovers and maybe meet new people in pubs.

Boris Johnson promise it in February. We are there now.

This glimmer of light begins to give, as well as courage, a different opening towards a new world.

Like pubs and restaurants, hostels in London will also be able to open and host their guests. A step forward in sharing and socializing that characterized hostels all over the world.

Sharing and above all socialization are very important words in this historical moment that the whole of humanity is going through and especially for travellers.

Have we finally started to bring down the fear of Covid-19?

Those who were looking for a hostel before the pandemic will be able to continue to do so with some limitations but with the hope one day of being able to somehow relive what many young people from all over the world have shared.

It is now necessary to understand which and who will look for hostels to stay in the English capital.  Also other British cities such as Liverpool, Bath, York reopening.

The opening will also take place in Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow, or in other regions of the United Kingdom ie Belfast and Cardiff.

It will also be important to understand which hostels will be able to open their doors and rooms to guests from today. We need to consider whether guests are still happy with the idea of ​​sharing important places during the day. such as bathrooms and common areas.

Our wish is for a prompt restart for the whole sector all over the world.

Some countries, as we have already written, have begun to open some regions called Covid-Free or others that have been slowly reducing or even totally eliminating the quarantine.

Go Travel and share a beer or a bed.
Wombats Hostel in London is a good base for your days in London.

You can find open hostels in this link.

Also you can read more about Thailand that reduce the quarantines.

Have a good trip everyone.

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