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Are you ready for a vacation in Berlin?
Finally another good news comes from Germany.
It has been more than a year now that many dream of visiting one of the trendiest cities of old Europe.
Well, with a little imagination, try to drink a beer and think you are in the German capital, from today all this is not just a dream but a reality. What many have been waiting for for a long time is possible.

Drinking a beer on the streets of Berlin today is for everyone. The oldest open-air brewery in Berlin, the Prater, reopened its doors today, on the occasion of the relaxation of the restrictive measures for Covid.

The easing was possible thanks to the drop in infections in recent days: the incidence has been below 100 for some time. The Prater had to reduce the available seats from 1,000 to 600. But that’s okay.

Just the fact of thinking that we can sit outside and have a nice German beer sitting with our new friends is something that opens our hearts but that the vision of a very prompt departure to destinations that were closed until a few days ago.

Now we await the opening of indoor breweries throughout the European continent.

It must be said that in Berlin the breweries in the parks are many and all will open to offer their best beers to all their guests.

Berliners are used to seeing the opening of the breweries in the parks from April to September so we are ready for the reopening of other activities.

Among the best Breweries in the Park we can include among others the following: Café am Neuen See, DogTapBerlin, Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee, Schleusenkrug, Golgatha Biergarten, Zollpackhof, and the Prater Berlin’s oldest beer garden.

We recommend that you ask the concierge of your hostel to direct you to those closest to their property or those who like to visit for a beer with their friends or lovers.

Berlin is worth a visit but with a good beer in a park it would be the TOP for everyone.

“Prosit” to all our readers.

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