On the occasion of Rome’s 2777th Birthday, an exhibition of drawings made by children from all over the world to say no to war will be presented in Piazza del Campidoglio.
“Rome for Peace” is an event that aims to send a message of Peace to primary and nursery school students from all continents.
The project was born from a collaboration between the Presidency of the Capitoline Assembly and the Colors for Peace Association, already known in the city for the exhibition at the Colosseum on the International Day of Peace.
The exhibition will be visible from 10am to 6pm on April 21st. Free Access
The President of the Capitoline Assembly Svetlana Celli will preside at the ribbon cutting which will take place at 12.

“From Piazza del Campidoglio we send a significant message of peace and hope on the occasion of Christmas in Rome. We are happy to support and support an initiative that involves children from many countries. With their drawings and their innocent vision of a colorful world, they invite us to activate all the ways to stop the wars, which are increasingly numerous and close. We do it from Rome, which has always been a welcoming and inclusive city, and we must do it thinking of our children, the youngest and their future which must be one of harmony and peace. Thanks therefore to the “Colors for Peace” Association for this praiseworthy project, states the President of the Capitoline Assembly Svetlana Celli.

Fabrizio Santori, Councilor Secretary of the Capitoline Assembly, also intervenes. “It is a severe appeal that comes from the little ones to once again say ‘no to war’. A warning that travels through colors and in the imagination of drawings from every latitude to perhaps remain more imprinted and thus contribute to rekindling that light of reason which seems to be fading in these times, but which schools in every corner of the world strive to nourish and to preserve. A reminder to all adults of their responsibilities. I am proud to have contributed to the creation of this important initiative which, on the occasion of the 2777th Christmas in Rome, brings an exhibition of drawings made by children from all over the world to Piazza del Campidoglio. I thank the “Colors for Peace” association, the participating schools and all those who, with their commitment, made this unique and precious event possible for the Capital“.

Mario Gallo, the Secretary of the Association Colors For Peace that have collected over 200000 drawings from 145 Countries, invite all family school and kids from 3 to 11year old to visit the exibition and bring their own drawing of Peace that will be used in the future expo around the World.

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