London – The underground secrets

Why it’s the best city in the world

London is one of the most visited cities in the world, the population swelling everyday from the mass amount of tourists arriving and understandably they come considering London is so vast in size. So well connected in addition and every corner is worth a peek.

It’s a city where the energy flows free, creativity is appreciated and being unique is never old fashioned. There is a reason London itself churns out perfection in people and artistry that changes and impacts the whole world. So come and see why!

London is split into two. The first part is the governmental and financial districts. These areas have been bringing commerce and rule for the rest of this grand island for centuries. These areas include: The Tower of London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, The palace of Westminster The Big Ben, Whitehall upto Buckingham Palace.

These areas tend to be the key areas tourists go however locals can tell of the secrets and other aspects London.

Covent Gardens is a shopping mall by definition. In person it’s a thriving area where the hustle and bustle does not fit into the four walls. Musicians and opera singers right in the centre is a norm. The food available tends to be creative and every stall and shop is different from the last. Covent Gardens also has the one and only actor sponsored school in England so it’s a great place to buy tickets for the Theatre or to support new actors in the rising.

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The shard though it’s in the financial district the architecture is worth marvelling at. It sits at 310m being one of the tallest buildings in England and from the 72nd floor at the viewing deck it’s one of the most romantic places in London to go on a date. Funny considering it’s a building of suits and papers.

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The natural history museum is another that has to be seen for it’s incredibly informative, well laid out and great for people of all ages. The one to be mentioned however is also the British Museum for it is the second more visited museum in the world. At the British Museum you’re able to visit the answers to previous languages and the key that unlocked modern language today; The Rosetta Stone. In addition this museum will always have at least 80,000 objects on display at any given time.

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Music is one of London’s hidden passions. From a tourists perspective it’s all history and grandeur however London locals have been setting the scene alone for decades. Live music is a given every night in London. The variation for everything from electro jazz to death metal means no matter what you like or the size and features of your band. All will be accepted and appreciated making London the launch pad for so many different genres of music that now spread across the world. We know this city has a reputation for emptying pockets and it’s true, we’re guilty. On the other hand when it comes to art and music an innumerable amount of events every day will be free whether it’s at the o2 arena or the local pub.  

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Here are the secrets but not all for if you visit you will have your own list of underground secrets and things you adore about living and breathing London. It truly is the city to inspire and change your life, even if you only have a few days.

London – The underground secrets, Why it’s the best city in the world

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