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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia –

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Natural meets the Urban

Kuala Lumpur has become one of the must see places to visit in Mayalsia. It has very quickly developed a reputable image for being a place of adventure and culture. It’s a green natural reserves meeting the bustling metropolitan vibe and it somehow fits all this into a relatively small city.

Kuala Lumpar has a population of over six and a half million and no wonder it’s the new place to start a life as it is a beachy, sunny heaven with a workplace on the side. It’s also a real mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian ethnicities so there are always food options on the mass.

There is so much to see and do in this vibrant cities but only the cream of the crop will be on this list. As it’s a walking city and most of the breathtaking moments occur when one is lost, stumbling upon moments that would have carried on without you but it’s just plain luck you walked into behold a moment. The things you can arrange to see on the other hand are: The Petronas Twin Towers. These are the picture perfect skyscrapers that are always photographed when you see pictures of Malaysia. There really are an architectural masterpiece and post 911 they are the tallest twin towers in the world. Even better there is an incredible view from the Skybridge. This is the bridge that links both the towers together and it’s famously the second highest bridge in the world.

The next architectural delights are the offices of the Colonial Secretariat also known as the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the other grand British colonial buildings. Most of these are located in the city centre, near Merdeka Square and the old KL Railway station.

Also near Merdeka Square is Masjid Jamek. This the national mosque on the edge of Klang river. The Lake Gardens are must see places to add to the list, The national Monument is situated there. In close proximity the ASEAN sculpture garden. Lastly in the Lake Garden is Carcosa Seri Negara. This is the former residence of the British High Commissioners which now so charmingly a place for fancy hotels and upscale air conditioned tea rooms.

For food there are some great options. The first being the food stalls and markets in Chinatown. This atmospheric area delivers not just authentic Chinese food but also a little chinese adventure within the fascinating narrow streets. Next Little India beholds all the options from the vast land of India as if they have been cooked there and transported to your plate in seconds.

For things to do to make your trip feel like the typical holiday; there are many spas and pampering sessions available all for a very good price. They can be found in any 5 star hotel or independent centres around the Golden Triangle.

Theme parks are in the excess as well. The best one to hit is the Sunway Lagoon though. This theme park has so many rides, a huge waterpark and an extreme park for the adrenaline junkie within. If you have children or feel like being one for a day there is also a petting zoo.

Finally, KL boasts about the nature reserves. In this respect the key ones to go to for a tranquil day are: FRIM Forest Reserve, Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve and Nature Escapes Malaysia. These are some of the best in all Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, the urban and suburban, natural and cosmopolitan. Have every holiday one can have in this one small compact and charming city.  

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