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We’re gonna have a party! Sonoras Mil from Columbia have just added another two stops to their European tour: On 28 July 2022 you will be able to experience Sonoras Mil’s freaky funky mix of reggae, dub, rock, salsa, latin and electronica live – with free admission at Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna! And on 4 August at our City Hostel Munich!

Be there and sample some tropical feeling with a whole lot of groove. Taste of Sonora Mils sound & vibe here!

August will bring a sharp contrast: singer-songwriter Viki Rácz is renown for her delicate voice and fine musical shades. Rácz will perform on 2nd of August at our City Hostel Vienna.

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Mark Peters, the versatile singer-songwriter from London, will also play Munich on 9th August! Following on from his 5th July performance at our City Hostel Vienna. Mark will be joined on stage at the City Hostel Munich Werksviertel by The Dark Band!

After Columbian funk and poetic songs comes..? You guess it – “the no-hit wonder from the Bavarian Forest”? Karin Rabhansl, the notorious powerhouse of cabaret-meets-Bavarian-non-traditional-songwriting will perform at our City Hostel Vienna. Experience what bird-wild Rabhansl does with a room and with the audience, only using her voice, her guitar and a loop station: You can see Karin Rabhansl on 6 September 2022, like always: free entry!

If you would like to stay or you are an artist and like to perform at the Wombat’s Hostels contact them at wombat’s site. Hostels are located in London, Vienna – Austria, Munich – Germany and Budapest – Hungary.

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