AviARoma, A new way to fly


On 24 February 2023 at 11:00 the official presentation of AviAROMA took place
Airways. The presentation took place at the HYPERWELFARE BUILDING AVIAROMA in
Zugliano (VI).

They took to the theater stage in front of 70 accredited Paltrinieri Robert Flavio CEO of
Group as well as CFO of Leone Capital, Gaetano Rizzi Co-founder of AviAROMA and Alarico
Iotti Co-founder of the company.

The top management of numerous companies in the sector were present in the room, including AIRBUS, NAUTILUS, NAVBLUE, ORWED e SITA.

Also present were delegations from some Italian airports.

A real one revolution in the sector.

During a presentation assisted by the slides prepared by the marketing manager and of the brand identity of AviAROMA, Dr. Asya Mcolta, the model was illustrated business of the company which, as expected, is preparing to introduce a real one revolution in the sector.

Available only in the App

As a first absolute novelty, the company will not be present on any platform online sales or in travel agencies. To fly with AviAROMA it will be necessary download the AviAROMA app on your device (phone, tablet, PC) and register by opening the own account.

With the account it will be possible to access the incredible range of services and products offered by

An E-Wallet (a current account) will automatically be opened together with the account
financial) which will allow the voyager (as the AviAROMA passenger is called) to pay for services and receive the Cash Back that the company makes available to passengers who receive an immediate refund of the cost of the ticket paid as the flight fills up and approaches departure.

A total revolution with the App.

A total revolution that overturns the algorithm for which, currently, the closer you get to the departure, the higher the cost of the ticket is.

Gaetano Rizzi explains that with the APP you buy the seat and all the services that the passenger
intends to buy for in-flight and non-inflight comfort. In fact, as well as a very rich menu for food
and beverage on board, a cocktail list and other innovative proposals will be purchasable Internet services including access to an AviAROMA Live platform which allows Live viewing of a huge number of sporting events and live “all-news”.

The platform will also give access to major streaming platforms, such as Prime video, Netflix, Apple+ etc, to which will be added the streaming platforms of the various countries that the company will insert among the destinations.

Then the potential of social media is very amusing of the APP that allows you to organize tournaments of card games or board games between passengers located in various parts of the aircraft, while fully maintaining the passenger’s privacy which will be qualified only with the seat number.

In the APP the passenger can insert food intolerances, particular health problems that may require assistance particular, blood group, etc., to ensure that the on-board staff have full knowledge of the profile in case of emergencies. And then the E-MARKET of Made in Italy excellence and the library available to passengers of all the beauties of the country Italy, collected through a careful mapping of the main points of interest even in the small municipalities that company is preparing to define.

One way, Paltrinieri said, “to make more and more attractive and usable Italy, not only in the cities of art but also in the profound and splendid e too little endorsed Italian province.”

Then again other innovations for business travellers who, if they travel in groups, can organize digital conferences and roundtables via the APP while they are in flight, viewing documents, talking to each other with the internal chat of the APP. The sale of packages of flight hours in installments with subsidized financing for businesses and other innovations that make the company a jewel of innovation.

Workers’ welfare

There was also talk of workers’ welfare, it was underlined that they have reached today 3,600 resumes and which are currently processed with the help of artificial intelligence, another new and widely used component of the company’s platform and managed by the internal development and programming service, of which Alarico Iotti, with enormous experience in the software industry, is the boss and coordinator.

The recruitment program

The recruitment program yes based on a welfare plan that improves national contractual conditions by binding for example the salary to the inflation received automatically. Employees will then be offered
benefits (in the headquarters there is a real sports center, swimming pools and SPA), constant support with mental coach, and most importantly and truly original, the crew will benefit direct economic flight by flight, on the profits generated by that route.

Food and Beverage innovation

Also confirmed the news for food and beverage. During the aperitif offered to those present at the end of the presentation, the complete cutlery and flight containers were presented compostable and offered some dishes that will be sold on the menu, with the confirmation that they will always and only be prepared with meat grown without killing the animal.

It can certainly be said that the presentation aroused a lot of curiosity and they were given
also explanations on the fleet, specifying that the aircraft used will be the most suitable for
proposed routes.


Micro-Ray confirmed with the reactivation of small Italian airports with aircraft from 19 to
50 seats. Short-haul and medium-haul flights with Airbus A320 will start at the same time
and Paltrinieri declared the start of the long-haul possible before the end of the year.
It has been explained that the slots plan will be presented as soon as the evaluations are completed
of focus groups and that the company will only start flying when the digital platform
(also technically presented by Iotti) and the APP will be in perfect operation, because the
company is based on these two tools. So as Paltrinieri has repeatedly said, useless
ask typical questions for other Airlines or Low Cost or Legacy which is another idea.

Postal Drone and Flying NURU

In the end, during the aperitif, the group presented the postal drone, displayed in the room that
unmanned transport of 500 kg of mail and parcels for 1200 km at a speed of 366 km per hour,
called Flying MULE, produced by another company of the AVIOIT group which is in development
ance the prototype of a 12-seater FLYING NURU aircraft, with electric propulsion and wings with the
wing-box. Both aircraft will be manufactured in carbon fiber and composite alloys
ultra layers.

At the end of the aperitif, some journalists present asked Paltrinieri a few questions citing perplexities and strong criticisms of the project expressed in some specialized web sites. Paltrinieri replied that it would be good for self-styled experts to take care of help the sector without wasting time writing criticisms that are often the result of considerations based on ignorance of the details of the project. And I’m not anyway relevant opinions for group decisions, also because they come from who knows who is hidden behind imaginative nicknames.

The presentation was followed by 1300 people via the web and is available with subtitles in
multiple languages ​​on the company’s YouTube channel.

Interview of Paltrinieri in the Salotto of Mario Gallo

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