Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the world 2023

Singapore Airlines

A new number one: Skytrax announced the prestigious World Airline Awards and Singapore Airlines was awarded the title of “best airline in the world“. Here’s who the 2023 “Aviation Oscars” went to: Singapore Airlines first in class

Skytrax 2023: change the podium of the best airlines

In recent days, the leaders of the aviation sector met in Paris for the awarding of the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2023. Skytrax, we recall, is an important research and consultancy company in the United Kingdom that manages one of the most complete evaluation systems and classification of airlines. And every year it publishes the ranking of the “best airlines in the world”.

Skytrax 2023 ranking: the opinions of over 20 million passengers

The Skytrax ranking is based on surveys and market surveys which this time involved over 20 million passengers from 100 countries around the world. 325 airlines were considered for the 2023 “Aviation Oscars” and voting took place from September 2022 to May 2023.
Here is the best airline in the world in 2023
The winner? This time the podium has completely changed. After a few years of dominance, Qatar Airways had to hand over the scepter of “best airline” to Singapore Airlines. The Doha-based carrier was relegated to second position. The change also for third place, with the bronze medal going to the Japanese All Nippon ahead of Emirates.

The TOP 10 Airlines in the World

Singapore Airlines – 1st place
Qatar Airways – 2nd place
ANA All Nippon Airways – 3rd place

Emirates – 4th place
Japan Airlines – 5th place
Turkish Airlines – 6th place
Air France – 7th place
Cathay Pacific – 8th place
EVA Air – 9th place
Korean Air – 10th place

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