The 10 smallest capitals in the world

San Marino

The smallest capitals in the world can vary in terms of size and population, but they all offer unique cultural, historical, and architectural attractions. Every city must be visited and lived intensely. Language location history and more make them TOP DESTINATIONS.

Here are the 10 smallest capitals in the world:

  1. Vatican City, Located in Rome Italy is unique in size in every sense, also the Capital of Christianity.
    • Size: 44 hectares
    • Population: Approximately 800
    • Notable Attractions: St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel
  2. Monaco, South France. Is well known for its lifestyle and is home to the most famous people around the world. The Grand Prix of Monaco is a must for car lovers
    • Size: 2.02 square kilometers
    • Population: Approximately 38,000
    • Notable Attractions: Monte Carlo Casino, Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Oceanographic Museum
  3. Nauru (Yaren District), Oceania. Once the richest Capital in the world.
    • Size: Nauru is a small island country with no distinct capital city. Government functions are carried out in the Yaren District.
    • Population: Approximately 10,000
    • Notable Attractions: Nauru Phosphate Corporation, Buada Lagoon
  4. Tuvalu (Funafuti), Oceania
    • Size: Funafuti is the largest atoll in Tuvalu and serves as the administrative center.
    • Population: Approximately 6,000
    • Notable Attractions: Funafuti Marine Conservation Area, Funafuti Lagoon
  5. San Marino (City of San Marino), Italy, Europe. The oldest Republic in the World. The only capital inside a wall. Unique.
    • Size: 61.2 square kilometers
    • Population: Approximately 4,000
    • Notable Attractions: San Marino Historic Center and Mount Titano, Guaita Tower
  6. Liechtenstein (Vaduz), in the Alps between Austria and Swiss Vaduz, is famous for is stamps and location.
    • Size: 17.3 square kilometers
    • Population: Approximately 5,500
    • Notable Attractions: Vaduz Castle, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Red House
  7. Marshall Islands (Majuro). The most far capital you may see on the map.
    • Size: Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands, which is a series of atolls.
    • Population: Approximately 27,000
    • Notable Attractions: Alele Museum and Public Library, Laura Beach
  8. Saint Kitts and Nevis (Basseterre). It is the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere, in both area and population, as well as the world’s smallest sovereign federation.
    • Size: 5.29 square kilometers
    • Population: Approximately 14,000
    • Notable Attractions: Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, Independence Square
  9. Palau (Ngerulmud), Oceania. Top destination for divers and nature-watching people
    • Size: Ngerulmud is the capital of Palau, although Melekeok is the largest state.
    • Population: Approximately 300
    • Notable Attractions: Palau National Capitol, Jellyfish Lake
  10. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Kingstown), Caribbean Sea, America. The base to explore the sisters’ Islands of Central America escaping area
    • Size: Kingstown is the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, located on Saint Vincent Island.
    • Population: Approximately 17,000
    • Notable Attractions: Botanical Gardens, Fort Charlotte, St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Assumption

These capitals may be small in terms of land area and population, but they offer rich cultural experiences and unique sights to explore.



Vatican City
Vatican City
Palau Island
Palau Island


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