10 MUST DO in Saint Petersburg

Cultural capital of Russia,

Cultural capital of Russia, North Venice, ghost-city. All this descriptions belongs to the one of the most fascinating cities in the world, to Saint Petersburg. If u have a chance to visit it once, you will never forget it’s cold charm. Pack your raincoats, warm clothes, good mood and go on a journey. Here are 10 things that should definitely be done in the northern capital.

1. Pass along Nevsky Prospekt
It is ageless classic. To see and feel the imperial truly ceremonial Petersburg just stroll along the Nevsky Prospekt. Go from arched Staronevsky Prospekt to the Palace Square. Columns and caryatids, a cafe from which Pushkin dueled, ancient paved sidewalks, intricate decorated balconies – a magnificent eternal antiquity is still delighting everybody. (MetroNevskii prospekt)

2. Cross the Neva river on boats
Continuing the acquaintance with the Neva you should arrange a tour on the water transport, which will be waiting for you on the embankments, the Sea or the River Station. An excellent option for you will be such a walk in the White Nights (june) , the most romantic period in the year.

3. Look at the Drawbridge
Finally to feel all the greatness of the Neva, see how bridges are opened (from the end of April to the middle of November). There are a lot of places to see this peculiar event, because there are more than 10 drawbridges in Saint Petersburg. This entertainment is also very good for the White Nights.

4. Visit the Hermitage
The State Hermitage Museum is one of the most important museums of art and culture in Russia and in the whole world. It contains in its arsenal the most valuable collection of thousands of greatest works of world culture. But remember, that even one whole day is not enough to visit all the expositions, because there are located in more than 350 rooms.

5. Climb on the top of St. Isaac’ Cathedral
If you want to look at Saint Petersburg from all sides, do not be lazy to climb the observation area of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. A little more than 300 steps, and all Petersburg will spread before the eyes.

6. To get to Petergof on the Meteor
Petergof is the famous museum – reserve, located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. To get to Petergof, one of the 7 Russian wonders, you can use a jet boat. They go to Petergof from the quays of the Palace embankment and land passengers at the pier of Petrodvorets. This half-hour journey is an excellent prologue of walking through one of the most impressive monuments of world architecture. Lush palaces, magnificent parks, various museums and of course, the famous golden fountains (there are about 170 of them).
(The Grand Palace – Peterhof, 2, Razvodnaya Street)

7. Lunch at the Dining Room.
Cafes in the spirit of the USSR are located throughout Petersburg. And after a long walk you can’t miss the opportunity to go and taste borsh, kotleta po kievski, a real Russian salad and kompot. The prices will pleasantly surprise you, as well as the offered assortment.

8. Try the pyshki (chunks)
St. Petersburg’s Pyshechnie (cafes with buns) work from early morning until late at night: locals often visit them twice a day – on their way to work and back. Hot roundworms, generously sprinkled with powder are thereal city “landmark.” The oldest of the currently working cafes is in the heart of the city. (Bolshaya Konyushennaya street, 25)

9. Walking in the bars to Rubinstein and the Dumskya street
St. Petersburg is truly famous for its drinking establishments. To sit down and cultivate a drink you can on the famous streets of Dumskaya and Rubinstein. The first is famous for places like “Fidel”, “Poison” and “Lomonosov” and if you walk along the street you will find more than one such bar. On the Rubinstein street, the choice is even broader. You can start eating in the “Apron” or in the best restaurant with Jewish food “Bekizer”, then smoothly move between “O! Cuba”, “Mitte café”, “Tesla Bar” and other iconic nightlife clubs.

10. To make a wish near Chizhik-Pyzhik
To make a wish on Fontanka Chizhik-Pyzhik, to return to St Petersburg again! It will certainly come true if you observe the appropriate ritual. And what kind of creature is Chizik-Pyzhik, you can learn only if you will come to the northern capital of Russia.

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